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Domain registration requires minimum 1 characters for registration e.g. “”, will be registered for 01 year minimum.

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At Nextgen its all about comfort of our customers, we understand every one is not a tech person, thats why we are always one call away.

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Your domain is your property, it is 100% secure and your privacy is never shared with anyone. Domain whois only shows nameservers and expiry.

DNS Management

100% managed DNS of domain. A support person will help you to setup DNS setting of you domain to get started.

Easy Transfer

Domain can be easily transferred in or out after proper verification. To transfer your domain please get in contact with support.

  •   Responsive 24×7 Tech Support
  •   Easy Renewal of .PK
  •   Domain in 30 minutes
  •   Lowest price registration
  •   20% Discount with Hosting 
  •   Complete Ownership
  •   DNS Management
  •   Nameserver Management
  •   Search all the available domains
  • Reservation Service
  •   Easy attach to Blog or Website
  •   PKNIC Letter Formats provided
  •   Privacy Protection
  •   PKNIC Card
  •   Nameserver Updates
  •   Crypto Accepted
  •   Debit/Credit Card Accepted
  •   Easy Paisa Accepted

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We have worldwide clients (UK, USA, KSA, UAE, and Kuwait) and on the corporate level in Pakistan, we are providing services to 50+ private and government organizations such as FAO-UNCityPulse, AGAHE, and CGPH. Top rated on many platforms including Google Business, Facebook and Trust Pilot.

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Rating: 4.8/5

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Rating: 5/5


Rating: 4.6/5

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Which domain names can I choose?

In principle, you are free to choose the domain name. However, you cannot choose names that are in use by other organizations, or names that for various reasons are prohibited or reserved for technical, ethical or national considerations. You also have a duty to ensure that your registration of a domain name does not infringe another party’s right to the same name. Remember that the responsibility always rests with you. 

What is domain name extension?

These are the letters that appear after your domain name, such as .pk, .com, .edu, .gov, etc. These extensions usually represent a word, for instance, .pk is short for Pakistan.

Is the registration of an domain similar to other CCTLDs?

No, it isn’t. For this, you’d need to fulfil a certain criteria, i.e. your institute must be registered with the concerence authorities. For further details on an domain, you can contact our pre-sales team.

How to check the availability of .pk domain name?

To find out if a name is available or unavailable, use our WHOIS Search tool which can be on the home page of our website.

What is the price of .pk domain?

For domain registrant based in Pakistan, a domain fee of $20/ per two years will be charged. For domain registrant or their registrar located outside Pakistan, a fee of $30 per domain is charged. The fee is charged on a biennial basis (two year period) and can be paid up to a maximum of ten years.

How soon can I start using my domain name?

Once the invoice is paid, the domain is registered within 30 minutes and nameserver will be updated. Nameservers update process is called ‘dns propagation’, because the new information about your Domain Name spreads or propagates across the Internet. The zone files are propagated frequently, every few hours. We cannot control the rate at which the millions of servers on the Internet are updated, but generally your domain should be available to Internet users within 2-48 hrs.

Can I change the .pk domain name after registration?

Once a domain has been registered, its name can not be modified.

Why must I update registered data?

From time to time it is necessary to reach a contact person for the domain. This could be due to technical problems or disputes. In these situations, it is vital that the contact data is up to date. As the domain name holder, you are responsible for keeping your contact information updated.

In which cities do you have offices?

Our office is located in Rawalpindi. Nextgen has no other offices or outlets in the country. Please note that any appointed resellers or agents are independent companies with whom Nextgen has no financial ownership affiliation or partnership.

How do I know if my domain name is available?

It’s really simple to find out. Just enter your ideal domain name in the Search Box and click Search. If the domain name is available you can purchase it instantly, or we can help you search for another unique domain name that is equally perfect. Moreover, you also have the option of choosing from a variety of extensions for your domain name.

Minimum characters required to register a .pk domain?

While other domain extensions could be registered with even a single-character domain name, in order to register a .pk domain, you’d need at least 4 minimum characters.



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